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- Anti Spam Policy

Ibisdev publicly announces its Anti-Spam Policy, which combines the best e-mail practices on the Internet with respect for the privacy and integrity of its customers.

In compliance with its policy against unsolicited emails, Ibisdev declares its intent to prevent any kind of spam practices. Ibisdev emphasizes constant system monitoring to ensure that its members always comply with the anti-spam policy and do not send large amounts of emails without the consent of recipients.

Every email message from Ibisdev should contain a link (opt-out) so that the message recipient can unsubscribe from your contact list at any time.

Any member who uses the Ibisdev domain for spamming will be immediately blocked, and the related account(s) will be disabled with no refund of previously purchased credits.

Ibisdev seeks to explain to its members and anyone who uses email marketing all the issues related both to spam practices and to basic instructions meant to prevent SPAM from being sent.

Ibisdev provides its members with anti-spam tools in order to encourage them to deploy good email marketing practices.

Ibisdev imposes contractual clauses that provide for the authorization to terminate the contractual bond to its members who violate this anti-spam policy.

- Unsubscribe:

All emails sent via Ibisdev should contain a link allowing recipients to unsubscribe from the list at any time (“opt-out”) or a permanent exclusion link ("cancel").

In case there is no "unsubscribe" link in your emails, our personnel will block the email campaign as well as the sending account.

- Identification:

The footer of the email identifies the company as the responsible sender of the message content.

- Contact information:

All emails sent from Ibisdev should contain contact information about the company, including domain name and physical address.

Violation of the anti-spam policy by a member implies the blocking of the user’s account and the immediate termination of her contract. If you suspect or know of any violation of the Ibisdev anti-spam policy, please notify us immediately at: info@Ibisdev.tech